the lingering terror

of the Islamic State


CRITICA /ˈkɾi.ti.ka/: n. of latin feminine origins   

Critica is non-partisan research center with multidisciplinary expertise drawn from international institutions and contexts. We provide insight on issues of conflict, security, and human rights.  


Our analysis meets the highest standard of scholarship. Our research is published in peer reviewed journals aimed at policy makers and academia.    

Nadia Al-Dayel, PhD
Executive Director
Aaron Anfinson, PhD
Director of Analysis
Hari Prasad
Research Associate in
Middle Eastern and
South Asian Politics
Graeme Anfinson
Research Practitioner
in the Politics of Labor and Detainment



Landmines and Improvised Explosive Devices:

The Lingering Terror of the Islamic State

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism

Not Yet Dead: The Establishment and Regulation of Slavery by the Islamic State

Studies on Conflict & Terrorism

Identity Construction Through Discourse: A Case Study of ISIS’s No Respite Video

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism

"Now is the Time to Wake Up": narratives of political awareness

Terrorism and Political Violence

The treachery of images: visualising "statehood" as a tactic for the legitimization of non-state actors

Terrorism and Political Violence

Sexual Suppression and Political Agency:

evoking a woman's support for the Islamic State

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism

"In the Words of the Enemy":

the Islamic State’s reflexive projection of statehood

Critical Studies on Terrorism


Detained: corruption and enslavement in Libya after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi



Tue, Jun 16
University of Hong Kong Main Building
Transnational identifications and the social semiotics of propaganda analysis
Conference presentation postponed due to COVID-19
Thu, Mar 26
International Studies Association 2020
This conference was cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19.
Tue, Oct 08
A Tale of 2 Extremes: Islamist Reactions to Hindutva Nationalism
By Hari Prasad
Mon, Sep 16
Marina Mandarin
Workshop by Centre of Excellence for National Security
Hari Prasad will be presenting on the Salafi-Jihadist Reaction to Hindu Nationalism
Thu, Jun 20
University of Oslo
Documenting the Islamic State
Part a forthcoming article, this talk offers a comprehensive assessment of the three-fold use of slavery by ISIS in the Sinjar crisis of 2014.
Thu, Jun 20
University of Oslo
Terrorist Imagery in Propaganda
Aaron Anfinson will be presenting at the 2019 Society for Terrorism Research International Conference in Oslo, Norway. Developing an innovative method for examining imagery, this paper is published in the journal of Terrorism and Political Violence.



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