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the Evolution of the 'Crime-Terror Nexus'

Luciano Pollichieni, Principal Investigator

Published in:

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The Nexus of Crime and Terror

The criminal acts of modern slavery and human trafficking generate billions of dollars annually. Such illicit industries also provide tactical advantages to terrorist organizations. Through case studies of the Islamic State and Boko Haram, Luciano Pollichieni and Andrew Mumford detail the financial and operational advantages generated through these illegal activities. They offer deeper insight into understanding the relationship between crime and terror. 

Further details are available published in the Journal for the Royal United Services Institute, The RUSI Journal, co-authored with contemporary warfare expert, Professor Andrew Mumford.

Geography should be at the centre of research in terrorism studies to help develop an understanding of how people fall victim to enslavement or trafficking by terrorist groups (p. 9)

Islamic State graffiti in the ruins of Sinjar in July of 2019, following war with the Islamic State. Levi Clancy​ 

Luciano Pollichieni & Andrew Mumford (2021): Terrorism, Slavery and the

Evolution of the ‘Crime–Terror Nexus’, The RUSI Journal, DOI: 10.1080/03071847.2021.2016316

For more information, citations and references contact:

Luciano Pollichieni, Principal Investigator

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