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Nadia Al-Dayel and Aaron Anfinson

"In the Words of the Enemy":

the Islamic State’s reflexive projection of statehood

Published in Critical Studies on Terrorism

Volume 11, 2018: 45-64

Media and terrorism. A relationship that is increasingly under scrutiny. This analysis shows a deep insight into this relationship with a focus on the most highly mediatized terrorist organization in history: the so-called Islamic State.

With a critical understanding of the Islamic State as a threat due to its success in recruiting an unprecedented number of foreign fighters, this analysis delves into the recruitment materials as well as how these materials have been responded to by journalists, state leaders and terrorism experts. While the Islamic State has lost its territory, the use of media to encourage support for violent organizations continues to dominate the security landscape.  

Ultimately, our analysis reveals that these extracts project a progression of accumulating territory and revenue, attempting to establish the Islamic State as a competitive and legitimate entity--attempting to project itself as a viable alternative.

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Read the full article at Critical Studies on Terrorism

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