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Climate Change, Conflict and the Sahel
     Principal Investigator

Luciano Pollichieni


Research Fellow

in the Geopolitics of Non-state Actors

Luciano Pollichieni’s research focuses on the interaction between organized crime and terrorism (crime-terror nexus) and the geopolitics of non-state actors. He is currently conducting research on the exploitation of geographical spaces by violent non-state actors in West Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Pollichieni has investigated the link between drug trafficking and armed violence in northern Mali. He has extensive experience analysing organized crime in Italy and West Africa, focusing on both terrorist financing and drug trafficking. His research is aimed at policymakers and academics.


He is a visiting research fellow at the University of Nottingham’s Centre for Conflict Security and Terrorism and is affiliated with the Urban Violence Research Network. He has previously worked for Limes: the Italian Review of Geopolitics, the Istituto of Affari Internazionali, and the Italian Chamber of Deputies (among others). Luciano has been interviewed as a security expert by prominent British, Italian, and Belgian media outlets.  

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Luciano Pollichieni

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