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Propaganda Analysis:

developing new methods for understanding and countering terrorism

Propaganda is information selected to persuade an audience toward an agenda. The use of propaganda is not new. Today, however, it is spread to a larger audience than ever before. The ability to publish and share visually rich materials to a global audience requires new methodologies to countering terrorism. 

At Critica, we analyze propaganda through a fresh lens. Applying multidisciplinary perspectives, we consider how materials resonate with a contemporary audience. Our novel methodological approach takes into account the social and cultural milieu that shapes the identifications and political relevance of extremist organizations. Our anises is published in top-tier peer-reviewed academic and security practitioner journals and can be used in both understanding propaganda and countering recruitment efforts.

We are developing the following analysis:


Gendered Recruitment Tactics

Principal investigator: Nadia Al-Dayel

  • The tactics used in extremist groups to recruit female fighters and supporters

  • The role females play in extremist groups

  • Issues regarding the return of female supporters

The Semiotics of Propaganda

Principal investigator: Dr. Aaron Anfinson

  • The role of digital photography within contemporary extremist materials

  • Translation and the use of multilingual materials to recruit internationally

  • Issues regarding online dissemination of materials

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