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Samuel Cousins

BA, MRes

Research Analyst in Security and Organized Crime

Samuel Cousins’ research is centered on the process of law enforcement militarization as a response to the security challenges posed by transnational organized crime, with a focus on Latin America. He recently submitted his dissertation for a Masters of Research in the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham. He works on sanctions policy at UK Finance and is a research assistant at the University of Nottingham at the Centre of Excellence for Defence against Terrorism (a NATO accredited think-tank). He has a first-class degree in History and Politics from the University of Nottingham, and has previous experience working with Amnesty International.

Research Interests

  • Militarization of law enforcement

  • Drug trafficking and human rights

  • Narcoterrorism

  • Criminal insurgency 

  • US Counternarcotic assistance programs

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Samuel Cousins

The ethics of militarisation:

Mexican public security and the United States



Samuel Cousins